Plant Magic Peat Plugs



Product Description

Peat Plugs are ready to use plugs which are dedicated to the propagation of young plants raised from cuttings and seeds.

A special mix of compost is used to produce Peat Plugs. The compost is handled with great care and as gently as possible, leaving the growing media with an airy structure. During manufacturing the moisture content is monitored and adjusted to ensure all Peat Plugs reach a uniformly high standard.

The plugs are wrapped in an environmentally friendly, reinforced paper which is suitable for plants which do not require a long rooting time. Once the roots appear the new plants can be handled with ease without disrupting the plants surrounding them.

  • Peat Plus hold root balls together at the early stage of rooting
  • Easy grading and sorting especially with crops prone to uneven development
  • Minimal root disturbance, giving more rapid establishment at the next stage of production

There are 84 plugs to a tray.


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